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The new logo was revealed on Saturday, March 14, 2020.

The design that received the most votes of the 9 submitted was created by Jack O'Brien, son of Pat and Carmen O'Brien and Gene O'Brien's grandson.


Fond Memories Video

O'Brien Maple Grove Logo 2020.JPG

Click here for a video produced by Keegan O'Brien titled "Fond Memories of the Sap Shed".  Keegan interviewed family members to gather their fond memories of sapping through the years.

A must watch!!

Over 100 years ago O'Briens started making Maple Syrup on what they call "the farm". 15 acres of beautiful woods surround the fourth version of the sap shed.


Designed and constructed by the O'Brien family in 2020, this 2,900 square foot building houses the cooking room, wood storage shed, gathering and canning area and garage.

Photos courtesy of Robert Henry O'Brien, 2017

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