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South Spicket Loop

Making maple syrup at the “Farm” became a focal point for family gatherings in the spring.  We increased our syrup production by tapping more trees.  We were now tapping over 600 taps. 


At the far south end of the maple woods was an area where some of the trees were not tapped because it was too far to walk to gather the sap. 


So, South Spicket Loop was created. 


Part of South Spicket Loop was located very close to the south property line and we soon found out, some of the trees being tapped, were actually on the neighbors property.  That got corrected soon, or we think it did!


This will depend on who’s tapping the trees next year?

*Trails were formally named in 2018 via a family voting system. This trail name was submitted by Jack O'Brien.

Written by Gene O'Brien 2018.

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