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Robert W. Circle

Maple syrup was not made in these woods between 1959 and 1969.   During that time Robert Henry had passed away and the five eldest Grandsons moved away from home.  As a result, there was not enough help to do the work. 

However, in 1969, Robert (Bob) O’Brien decided to start it up again.  Bob’s son, Jim, built an arch at the “Brick House” where the sap was boiled down.  This arch was only used for two years.


Bob expanded tapping area by creating a trail around the outer edge of the woods.  He also connected his new trail to the Peterswell Path. 


The connecting trails are not numbered and were not named in. 


They will be called “The Arches”.

*Trails were formally named in 2018 via a family voting system. This trail name was submitted by Joe O'Brien.


Written by Gene O'Brien 2018. 

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