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The Sap Shed Trail

In 1971, Bob and Ethel O’Brien built their new home on the edge of the maple woods. 

Bob created this trail that went from the house up into the center of the maple woods.


The Maple Hill School House was being demolished at that time and blocks and bricks were salvaged from the school and used for the construction of two new arches (cookers).  The arches were located in the area of the present day wood room.  At that time Dad was tapping 125 taps.


In 1973, Bob purchased the old Maple Hill school bus garage and moved it into the maple woods.  He also purchased an evaporator for cooking down the syrup.  The evaporator was sized to accommodate 250 taps.  Jim, once again, built another arch in the bus garage next to where the evaporator was located.  The two arches outside were demolished.  Dad tapped 175 taps the first year the new evaporator was used.

We had a German Shepherd named Brandy.  Brandy would lay on the dirt floor right in front of the evaporator.  It was very hot at this location, but Brandy didn’t seem to mind.  Bob would have to make Brandy move each time he added wood to the evaporator.  Brandy never missed an opportunity to boil down the sap.

In 1996, a new sap shed was constructed next to the bus garage.  Double arches were once again constructed by Jim.  The evaporator was placed next to the arches.  The bus garage was used for wood storage.  A separate room was also added for family gatherings and an area to can the syrup.   

Two years later we realized family gathering area was not large enough so, this area was also expanded by adding a 10 foot addition on the north end of the building.

This trail was named by Bill O'Brien as

The Sap Shed Trail.

Written by Gene O'Brien 2018.

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