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" With relentless pride and passion, O’Brien Maple Grove LLC focuses on continuing to foster and maintain strong family ties"


“Our Vision is to foster the heritage of crafting maple syrup in the woods of the O’Brien Maple Grove, while we work hard and play hard across generations. A place to call home, regardless of the season of the year or the season of our lives. We will reconnect, as we teach each other how to preserve the craft, give freely of our varied talents, tell stories-old and new, and together give thanks to our Creator for countless blessings.”

Key words and phrases in the statement representing themes in the survey/vision meeting: 

  • Foster = means to promote and support with effort b/c it's so important

  • Heritage = it's our tradition w/out saying tradition, as that word may put off some people if it has a negative experience tied to it

  • Craft = it's more than making the syrup - there's an art to it - an attention to detail and quality.

  • The woods of the O'Brien Maple Grove = gives credence to the very special place that the woods are to people

  • Work hard/play hard across generations = captures what we do and that we should enjoy it - and it's all inclusive work/play

  • Regardless of season of year/life = now that the sap shed CAN accommodate year round enjoyment, we need to plan for it.  We also need to recognize that while one particular season in one’s life may not work for some to get involved, it's ok - there's many more seasons to come.

  • Reconnect = expressed as one of the main themes of the survey – the value of “reconnecting” with family

  • Teach how to preserve = important that we're intentionally teaching the craft vs. learning by chance

  • Varied talents=captures the idea that gifts go beyond cooking/tapping/donations...everyone can contribute with their specific talents

  • Storytelling=it's such an important reason - for the history of it, the laughter, the timeless talent of good story is something many are gifted with

  • Countless blessings=it all points to our Creator and we honor Him by giving thanks as a family gathered - awesome and powerful!

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