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Tappers Run

Tappers Run was a trail that connected to The Sap Shed Trail.  This trail simply created a loop back to the center of the woods.  It also allowed for tapping additional trees that were previously not tapped.  We were now tapping between 700 and 750 taps.


In 2013, a small room was added to the gathering room that supplied room for miscellaneous supplies.  The wood burning stove in the gathering room was also tucked out of the way to make the gathering room more efficient.

In 2014, another huge improvement was added. The two arches were dismantled and a large evaporator, that had the capacity to boil down 100 gallons of sap per hour, was installed.  Two new stainless steel bulk tanks were added to hold the sap until it was processed. 


An automatic take-off device was added to the large evaporator.  Now we don’t have to test the syrup to know when it’s ready for final processing.

During the summer of 2017, concrete pavers were installed in the front of the building.  The bulk tanks were rearranged so that the appearance of the sap shed was greatly improved. 

The beginning of 2018, three new exhaust fans were installed to exhaust the steam from the cooking area.

I would be willing to bet our Sap Shed is one of the finest facilities, located in the middle of a maple woods, in the entire state of Wisconsin.

*Trails were formally named in 2018 via a family voting system. This trail name was submitted by Travis and Tanya Thomack.

Written by Gene O'Brien 2018.

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