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Walrath Maple Walk

The first record we have of making maple syrup in these woods was an article in a New London newspaper in 1896. 


The article refers to Nicholas Walrath making maple syrup.

Nicholas Walrath homesteaded the property that the current maple woods are a part of.  Since there were no other woods on his property at that time, we can, with a reasonable degree of certainty, know he was tapping the trees in our present day maple woods.

Nicholas Walrath was Robert Henry O’Brien’s father-in-law.


Nicholas Walrath’s farm was located east of the maple woods on the west side of County Hwy. T.  Today we refer to  that property as “The Little White House”.

Robert Henry O’Brien married Nicholas’ daughter, Margaret, and eventually purchased the property from Nicholas. 


Robert Henry continued to tap trees in these woods up until a few years before he passed away in 1963.

We believe the trail Walrath Maple Walk was the first trail blazed into the maple woods for the purpose of making firewood and maple syrup.

*Trails were formally named in 2018 via a family voting system. This trail name was submitted by Mary (O'Brien) Hosmer and Gene O'Brien.

Written by Gene O'Brien 2018.

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